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Hobby Carbon CNC Technology Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of CFRP products and hardware locating in Shenzhen City Guangdong Province where closely to Hongkong Our products cover a wide range of formations including GFRP Glass fiber reinforced polymer CFRP Carbon fiber reinforced polymer and KFRP Kevlar fiber reinforced polymer sheets roll wrapped tubes battens complex profiles as well as 3D shape carbon fiber parts all in large varieties of dimensions Besides various hardware are available as well such as screws nuts washers standoffs custom made hardware etc These products are extensively applied to Construction Drone RC control Helicopters etc The principles of our company is...

Categories and Products

Carbon Fiber Sheet

Full Carbon Fiber Sheet

3K Carbon Fiber Sheet Light Weight 3.0x400x500mm Carbon Fiber Sheet Frame for Drone RC 4.0x400x500mm Carbon Fiber Sheets X Frames 2.0x400x500mm Carbon Fiber Sheet Frame for CNC Cutting 3K 400mm*500mm Full Carbon Fiber Plate Matte Glossy Real Carbon Fiber Sheet Cut to Size 5.0x400x500mm Widely Application woven carbon fiber sheet 6.0mm 100% full Carbon Fiber Sheet 3K Surface 7.0x400x500mm Drone Parts Carbon Fiber Sheet 3K Woven Pure Carbon Fiber Sheet for Multi-rotors 0.3x400x500 caron fiber sheet for decoration 0.3x250x400 decorative carbon fiber sheet 0.5X250X450mm carbon fiber sheet price for UAV 1.0x250x400mm UAV woven full carbon fiber sheet 1.5x250x400mm twill matte carbon fiber sheet CNC cutting 2.0x250x400mm Buttom top plate carbon fiber sheet 2.5x250x400mm X frame Arm carbon fiber sheet 3.0x250x400mm buttom frame side plate carbon fiber sheet 3.5x250x400 woven full carbon fiber sheet price 4.0x250x400mm carbon fiber armor carbon fiber sheet 

Carbon Glass Sheet

5.0mm Carbon Glass Sheet 3K Surface Toy Use 2mm carbon glass sheet cut to size Diy carbon glass sheet DIY cutting service 2mm Hobby Use Carbon Glass Mid Sheets 3.0mm CNC cutting router carbon glass sheet for hobby X frames DIY Cutting Carbon Glass Sheets Custom CNC Carbon Glass Sheet carbon glass sheets for drag washers CNC 3K Woven Pure Carbon Glass Sheet Price UAV Woven Full Carbon Glass Sheet woven license frame carbon glass sheets cutting carbon fiber armor carbon glass sheet RC Drone Hobbby Parts Carbon Glass Sheet Carbon Glass Sheets frame for CNC Cutting carbon glass sheets guitar accessories DIY cutting Widely application woven carbon glass sheets 0.5x250x400 decorative surface carbon glass sheets Carbon Glass Waterproof Sheets Plate 3K Woven Carbon Glass Sheet for Multi-rotors 3K twill Carbon Glass Sheet for Multi-rotors 

G10 Glass Fiber Sheet

G10 Glass Fiber sheet for Drone G10 Glass Fiber Plate 2.0x400X500mm G10 glass fiber plates sheets 2mm 3mm 4mm 4.0mm Customized G10 Glass Fiber Sheets 400x500mm G10 Glass Fiber Sheets 2.0mm/3.0mm/4.0mm Epoxy resin G10 reinforced fiber glass sheet/board G10 400X500 1.5mm Thickness Glass Fiber Plate/Sheet/ Board Laminate fr4 Epoxy G10 Glass Sheet Material Customized G10 Glass Fiber Board/Sheet/Plate G10 Glass Fiber Sheet for RC Hobby G10 Glass Fiber Sheet G10 fiberglass sheet epoxy resin plate1mm 2mm 3mm G10 material properties black epoxy resin plate G10 material properties black epoxy resin sheet G10 Glass Fiber Sheet Provide CNC Cutting Factory Directly Made Twill G10 Glass Fiber Sheet Wholesale G10 Epoxy Fiberglass Black Sheet 

Carbon Fiber Tube And Clamp

Full Carbon Fiber Tube

15mm*13mmm Full Carbon Fiber Round Tube 3K Twill matte 30x28x1000mm 100% carbon fiber tubes 20x18x1000mm 3K Carbon Fiber Fabric Tube Quadcopter arms 1000mm Length Twill Matte Carbon Fiber Tubes OEM Custom-made 100% Carbon Fiber Round Tube CNC Carbon Fiber Tubes for RC helicopter Carbon Fiber Tubes for RC helicopter videographer 15*12*1000mm Carbon Fiber Tubes Matte Finish 21.5x19.5X1000mm 100% Carbon Fiber 3k Twill Matte Tubes 3K Real Carbon Fiber Tube Joints High Strength 100% 25mm curved carbon fiber tube High Strength full 25mm curved carbon fiber tube 25x23X500mm Pure twill matte carbon fiber bent booms 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Curved Handle Tubes 100% Carbon Fiber Curved Tube for Handle Gimbal 5x3x1000mm 3K Twill/Plain Roll Wrapped Carbon Fiber Tubes Small Diameter 5mm 3k Carbon Fiber Tubes Small diameter 3k Twill Matte carbon fiber tube Carbon Fiber Tube Cutting and Carbon Clamps 3k 20x18x1000mm carbon fiber tube for RC toys 

Carbon Glass Tube

Higt-Strength Carbon glass tubes for Drone Custom high quality UAV frame carbon glass tube New Style Carbon Fiber Product Type Carbon GlassTube Low Price Carbon Glass Tube Carbon Fiber tube 3K Carbon Fiber Tube,Tubing 3K Plain Twill Uni-direction Carbon Fiber Tube 3K Carbon Fiber Tube or Colored CarbonFiber Tube High Strength Corrosion-resistant Durable Carbon Glass Tubes High Strength Carbon Glass Tubes with Low Price 3K twill matte carbon fiber braided tube 

Glass Fiber Tube

G10 High-strength Glass Fiber Tubes/pipe G10 High-strength fiberglass tube Good Corrosion Resistance Low Price Glass Fiber Tubes Factory-Directly Sell Carbon Glass Tube of High Quality High Pressure High Modulus Carbon Glass Round Tube High Quality Cheap Industrial Reinforced G10 Fiberglass Tube 

Tube Clamp

Movable Aluminum Round Tube Clamp/Clip Movable 16mm Aluminum Tube Clamp/Clip 25mm Aluminum Clamps for 25mm Carbon Fiber Tube Vertical CNC Aluminum Clamps for Octagon Carbon Tubes CNC Horizontal Aluminum Clamps for Octagonal tubes CNC Horizontal Aluminum Clamps for Sqaure Tubes Aluminum Clamps for 25mm Carbon Fiber Tube Horizontal CNC Aluminum Clamps for Sqaure Tubes Custom High Modulus Carbon Fiber Octagonal Tube Carbon Fiber Tube with Customized Aluminum clamps New custom high quality octagonal carbon fiber tube Vertical or Roll Aluminum Clamps for Octagonal Tubes Horizontal Octagonal Tube Clamps Anodized Black Low Price Anodized Aluminum Carbon Tube Clamp For Fiber Pipes Wholesale Products High Quality Clamp For Carbon Tubes 


Aluminum Screw

M3x6mm colored button aluminum screws M3x6mm colored botton aluminum screw M3 Anodised Socket Aluminum Screws M3 Colored button cap head Aluminum Screws Red And Blue Cone Aluminum Screw For Drone M5 CNC Aluminum Wing Knob Thumb Screws Countersunk Head Flat Aluminum Screws Customzid Colorful Aluminum Round Screw ISO7380 Customizid Anodised Aluminum Socket Alley Screws Customzid CNC Aluminum Socket Screw M3*10mm Aluminum Socket Screw Whole Sale Price M3*8 Aluminum Colorful Socket Head Screw M3*14mm Anodised Aluminum Round Head Screws M3*12mm Socket Colored Aluminum Screw M6 Cone Head Aluminum Screw Bolts Customzid Anodised Aluminum Socket Screw M3*8mm Aluminum 7075 Dome Head Button Screws M3 Colored Aluminum Screws by Metric Green M3 Auminum Screws Post Colored M3 Aluminum Socket Cap Head Screws 

Titanium Screw

M3 Button Titanium Screw M3 Socket Titanium Screw The hardest Titanium bolt socket surgical screws price All kinds of head type of titanium screw High Quality & Lightweight M3 Titanium Screws Hot Sale Customized Titanium Screws With High Quality Custom-made OEM Titanium Bolt Screw With High Precision Factory Price Titanium Screw With High Quality High Strength M3 Countersunk Head Titanium Fasteners Factory Price M3 Titanium Hex Socket Screw Best price M3 customized Titanium Round Head Screw aluminum screw button head cap screw 

Stainless Steel Screw

M3 button stainless steel screw M3 Socket Stainless steel screw M3 Stainless Button Round Head Screw M3 Stainless Steel Button Head Screws Stainless steel round head custom special machine screw M3x12mm Rainbow Stainless Steel Button Head Screws M3 Stainless Steel Button Socket Head Screws High Quality Customized Stainless Steel Screw Customized Precision Stainless Steel Cap Screw Half thread stainless steel socket head screw M3 Button Head StainlessSteel Screw with Low Price Customize High Quality M3 Stainless Steel Screw M3 Stainless Steel Hex Socket/Cap Head Bolts/screw 

Steel Screws

High quality Steel Button Head Screws M3x6mm Stainless Steel Button Head Bolts Factory Price High Quality Steel Self Tapping Screw furniture hardware carbon steel hex button screw 

Nylon Screw

M3x6mm Nylon Button Head Blots M3x6mm Nylon Button Head Screws M3x6mm phillips Black Nylon Screws M3 nylon screws round head screws black 

Vibration Damper Screw

Male To Female Vibration Damper Screw Certificated OEM/Customized Rubber Vibration Damper Screw SV015 M8x23 D30H40 V/V Style Vibration Damper Male Female Vibration Damper Screw with Thread Bolt Rubber Vibration Damper With Screw Inserted 


Aluminum Round Standoff

Colorful M3 5.0mm OD Aluminum standoff M3 High Quality And Colorful Standoff Hardware High Quality Colorful Aluminum Round Standoff Special Custom Threaded Alloy Standoff Fastener M3 Aluminum Standoffs CNC Machining Metric Fasteners Lightweight Anodized Hex Round Standoff Hex Round Electrical Conductivity Standoff Resist Rust Anodized Round Electrical Standoffs Aluminum Alloy Cnc Machining Metric Fasteners M3 Aluminium standoff/ Round Aluminum alloy Standoff OEM CNC Machining black Anodized Aluminum Spacer High Quality Precision Aluminum Round Spacer Customized Aluminum Hexagonal Male Female Threaded Spacers M3 aluminum alloy spacer aircraft fasteners standoff Colorful Anodized M3 Aluminum Round Standoff 

Aluminum Knurled Standoff

High Quality Knurled Aluminum Metric Standoff M3 Aluminum Knurled Round Standoffs M3 Knurled Aluminum Round Standoffs Anodized Spacer M3 Aluminum Knurled Round Standoff M3 Customized Aluminum Knurled Round Standoff Color Andoized Texture Round Aluminum Spacer Factory Supply Embossed Knurled Aluminum Sheet Customized Anodized Drone Accessories Alu Knurled Standoff Colorful Aluminum Texture Round Standoff With Low Price Colorful Aluminum Knurled Round Standoff With Low Price Cheap Factory M3 Aluminum Knurled Standoff M3 texture alu round standoff 

Aluminum Step Standoff

Silver Aluminum M3 Round Step Standoffs Aluminum Hexagonal Standoffs Hardware Practical Anodized Hex Round Electrical Aluminum Standoffs Lightweight Anodized Hex Round Standoff Sign Mounts Female Thread Red Round-step Standoffs M3x5.0x5mm Round Red Aluminum Standoffs Thread Both Head Aluminum Colored Standoffs Lightweight Round Standoff Hardware For Plexiglass M3 Aluminum Step Standoff Colored M3 Aluminum Standoffs Fit for Bolts M3 Hex-Step Aluminum Standoffs Lightweight Anodized Hex Round Steel Spacers Standoffs Colored Anodized Hex Round Standoff Mounting Hardware Anodized Hex Round Spacers For Screws Durable Anodized Hex-step Standoffs Lightweight Anodized Hex Round Standoffs For Signs Colored Aluminum Standoffs for Drone Black M3 Round-step Aluminum Standoffs Durable Anodized Hex Round Male Female Standoff Available Anodized Step-round Aluminum Standoffs 

Aluminum Hex Standoff

M3 Hexa Head 5.5mm Thread Aluminum Standoff Cone Male-Female Aluminum Hex Standoff Standoff For Drone 2017 Precision M3 Aluminum Hex Standoff Drone Assembled Aluminum Hardware M3 anodized Hex Aluminum Spacer for RC 

Nylon Standoff

M3 Hexagon Nylon Standoff Versatile Hex Round Stand Off Systems Customized Hex Round 2 Inch Spacers Lightweight Hex Round Nylon Threaded Rod Practical Hex Round 1 Inch Spacers Versatile Hex Round M2 5 Standoff Colored Hex Round Circuit Board Standoffs Factory Hex Round Circuit Board Spacers Inexpensive Hex Round Nylon Shoulder Washers Factory Hex Round Bolt On Spacers Versatile Hex Round Standoff Mounting Hardware Durable Hex Round Black Nylon Spacers Lightweight Hex Round Nylon Spacers Lowes Colored Hex Round 4 40 Standoff Practical Hex Round 6 32 Standoff Factory Hex Round Pcb Standoff Spacers Colored Hex Round Nylon Spacers Inexpensive Hex Round Plastic Washers Spacers Practical Hex Round Threaded Standoffs Spacers Durable Hex Round Cover Caps For Screws 


Aluminum Countersunk Washer

6061-T6 Aluminum Countersunk Washers M3 M3 anodized colored aluminum countersunk washer Aluminum Washer Countersunk Flat Head Screw Bolt Washer M3 High Quality Countersunk Aluminum Washer Hot Sale Anodized Aluminum Countersunk Washer Custom Color Anodized M3 Aluminum Countersunk Washer Various Abrasive Resistant Anodized Alu Countersunk Washer 6061 Aluminum countersunk washer Aluminum Countersunk Washer VS Aluminum Flat Washer 

Aluminum Flat Washer

M3 Aluminum Falt Washer CNC Aluminum Anodized Colorful Washers Anodized High Quality 7075 Aluminum Flat Washer High Quality Competitive Advantage Aluminum Flat Washer Many Kinds of Colorful Anodized Aluminum Flat Washer High Quality 7075 Aluminum Alloy Flat Washer Many Different Kinds of 7075 Aluminum Flat Washer Custom Color Anodized Aluminum Countersunk with Low Price Aluminum High Pressure Multiple Flat Washer Anodized Many Kinds of Color Anodized Aluminum Washers Various Sizes Colored Aluminum Stainless Steel Flat Washers 

Nylon Washer

M2 M3 M4 DIN34815 black nylon flat washer M3 Nylon Round Flat Washers Assorted Nylon Washers In Standard Sizes Custom-made Best Quality Clear Plastic Flat Nylon Washer Nylon Flat Washers In Standard & Special Sizes Custom-made Clear White Black Plastic Flat Nylon Washer Excellent Mechanical Strength Nylon Flat Gasket Washer Custom-made Clear White Black Plastic Flat Nylon Washers 


Aluminum Nut

M3 Aluminum Nylon insert lock nuts Anodized M3 Aluminum lock nuts Nylon insert M5 Anodished Aluminum Serrated Flange lock nut CCW Aluminum Lock Nut with Nylon Inserted DIN6926 Hex flange aluminum nylon insert lock nuts Anodized Aluminum Nylock Nuts Fastenal M5 Aluminium Serrated Lock Nut Hex Flange Nut M3 Aluminum Flange Serrated Blind Nuts M3 Aluminum Flange Nuts Serrated for Racing M3 Aluminum Flange lock Nuts Serrated for Racing Hot Stock M3 Flange Aluminum Nutserts Anodized Aluminum Nylon Lock Nuts by Metric M3 Aluminum Nut Nylon Insert M3 Aluminum alloy nut nylon self-locking flange nuts M3 Lock Nut with Flange Aluminum for drone M3 Aluminum Press Nuts Blind nuts for Drone/UAV Colorful Nylon Lock Nut Aluminum For Drone High Quality Metric Hex Alminum Bolts and Nuts Cheap Price Press Nuts Fasteners Clinch Nut OEM Custom Precision M3 Hex Head Aluminum Nut 

Stainless Steel Nut

M3Customized Hex 304Stainless Steel Nut M3 Stainless Steel Press Nuts with nylon M3 Press Nuts for Screws on Carbon M3 Black Nylon Insert Stainless Steel Nuts Stainless Steel Blind Nuts on Carbon Fiber Sheet Hot Stock M3 Stainless Steel Nutserts Top Selling Products High Quality Stainless Steel Nut Customized Stainless Steel Insert Lock Hex Nut Best Sales High Quality Stainless Steel Hex Nut High Quality OEM Stainless Steel Hex Nut 

Steel Hexagon Nut

M3 Hexagon Steel Silver Nut Customized CNC Machining High Precision Steel Hexagon Nut M2*5.5 Steel Hexagon Nut OEM Service Precision Six Steel Nuts and Bolts Factory Low Price M3 Steel Hexagon Nuts High Quality Stainless Steel Hexagon Flange Lock Nut 

Nylon Hexagon Nut

M3 Black Nylon Nuts Low Price Products Nylon Hexagon Head Nuts Customized CNC machining high precision nylon nut M3 Hexagonal Nylon Lock Nut M2-M16 Colored Nylon Lock Nut Colorful Nylon Lock Nut M3 Customized Aluminum Nut CNC Machine Precision Hardware Nylon Hexagon Nuts Customized Stainless Steel Nylon Insert Lock Hex Nut 

CNC Cutting Service And Logo Printing

CNC Carbon Fiber Cutting

CNC Carbon Fiber Customized Cutting CNC Carbon Fiber plate Customized Cutting CNC Machine Cutting for Carbon Fiber Sheet Precisen cnc cutting carbon fibre plates for Drone CNC Cut Carbon Fiber Board/sheet/plate 3K twill matte carbon fiber sheet cutting service 3K Real carbon fiber cnc cutting plate full carbon fiber cnc cutting plate for RC 3K UD Prepreg Carbon Fiber Sheet Cutting CNC cutting parts 3K carbon fiber sheet carbon fiber sheet cutting for RC plane CNC 3k twill matte carbon fiber sheet cutting CNC machining 3k twill matte carbon fiber sheet 3K carbon fiber CNC cutting parts Hobby Parts CNC cutting Carbon Fiber Plate customized CNC cutting carbon fiber sheet High strength carbon fiber cnc cutting for drone 3K Carbon Fiber Plate CNC Cutting 

CNC Aluminum Cutting

CNC aluminum cutting and logo service CNC machining aluminum alloy parts production services Precision CNC Parts custom Anodized Alu machining services anodized Aluminum customized cnc milling machining parts Aluminum CNC Mechanical Parts OEM Precision Machining Parts Popular CNC Machined Aluminum Components and Parts High precision customized CNC machining alumium parts Professional customized CNC machining alumium parts customized CNC aluminum machining parts services Aluminium parts precision CNC Machining drawing parts CNC Machining 3D/2D Drawing Aluminum Parts Custom Anodized Aluminum CNC Part Precision Machining product OEM /ODM aluminum cnc accessories parts advanced oem customized aluminum cnc parts Anodized Aluminum Precision CNC Milling Parts Aluminum Components CNC Machining CNC Milling Machine Metalworking Aluminium Mechanical Part CNC machining Parts for aluminum 6061-T6 aluminum CNC anodizing Aluminium 7075 CNC machining Aluminum Machining Parts cnc machining service Metal Parts 

CNC Customized Hardware

CNC Machine Customized Hardware Customized High Strength Handware Hexagon Bolt and Nut CNC Customized Hardware Product 

Logo Service

Silk-screen or Laser Logo Service 

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