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How to make carbon fiber tube


How to make Carbon Fiber Tube

Due to the high hardness and light weight of carbon fiber materials, more and more people choose carbon fiber materials to make pipes. According to the shape of the tube, it can be divided into round tube, square tube, octagonal tube, oval tube, shape tube ect.
No matter what shape tube you want to make,make the mold is essential
The production cost of the round tube is relatively low, because the production of the round tube only needs to open an inner mold to achieve a higher precision effect, while other shaped tubes (such as a square tube, a curved tube etc) usually need to open the inner and outer mold together to achieve high precision and no burr in the tube. (If the the customer's have not high requirement about the internal dimensions, we usually advise customers to only make the outer mold to save costs)
Next, let's talk about how to make Carbon Fiber Tubes.

Here to tell you about the most common rolling production process
1. First cut the carbon fiber prepreg according to the specifications of the required pipe and select the appropriate inner core mold (in the selection of the core mold raw material, it is best to choose a metal material with good rigidity, such as steel and hard aluminum)

2. A layer of release agent is applied to the mold, and then the carbon fiber is pre-impregnated by the hot pressing of the coiler to be softened, thereby uniformly rolling onto the mold. When all the prepreg is rolled, the surface is wrapped. The upper layer of OPP tape is finally sent to the oven and solidified at high temperature. In addition, the blank state of the carbon fiber tube is obtained, and the OPP tape is removed, and then the surface of the carbon fiber tube is ground and then painted.

3. The final carbon fiber tube is obtained by cutting off the uneven portions at both ends.

The above is a simple summary of the carbon fiber tube production steps, but in practice, there are many places that we need to pay attention to, such as the material of the core mold, the design of the core mold, the design parameters in the molding process, some demoulding Points and so on.

high precision carbon fiber tube

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