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Do you really understand carbon fiber?


Do you really understand carbon fiber?

Carbon cloth
The first thing to say is the relatively obvious carbon cloth. Carbon fibers are very thin fibers. To use a carbon fiber material, you must first make these fibers into a cloth before they can be laid on top of each other. This is also known as carbon fiber cloth.

Unidirectional cloth
Many people think that unidirectional cloth is not good and cheap, but it is actually not the case at all. Carbon fibers are bundled, and the carbon fibers are arranged in a row in one direction, which is a unidirectional cloth.This is just the arrangement of carbon fibers, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the carbon fiber material itself.
Because the unidirectional cloth is ugly, there is a marble pattern. But few people know how the marble pattern came about. In fact, it is just the appearance treatment. The crushed carbon fiber is made to the surface of the manufactured product, and then coated with resin, and vacuumed, so that the crushed slag sticks to it, which is called the marble pattern. This appearance treatment only achieves aesthetic effects and does not play any practical role in terms of material strength.

Woven cloth
Woven cloth is often said to be 1K, 3K, 12K carbon cloth, and carbon fiber itself is also okay. 1K means that 1000 carbon fibers are made into one piece and then weaved; 3K is 3,000 and 12K is 12,000, which is very easy to understand.

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