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How to cut carbon fiber board?


How to cut carbon fiber board?

1.Carbon fiber composites have excellent properties and are currently widely used in many manufacturing fields. Its main features are as follows:

(1) High strength and high efficiency

Tensile strength is several times more than ordinary steel, elastic modulus is better than steel, has excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and shock resistance.

(2) Light weight and good flexibility

Carbon fiber has high specific strength, only 1/5 of the quality of steel, has high toughness, can be coiled, can be supplied in a larger length without overlapping.

(3) Convenient construction and easy construction quality assurance

Material does not need to be pre-processed, the process is convenient, and the plates are allowed to cross.

(4) Good durability and corrosion resistance

Resistant to acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric environment corrosion, no regular maintenance is required.

2.Cutting method of carbon fiber board:

(1)Mechanical cutting. Carbon fiber board generally uses grinding wheel cutting machine. When cutting the grinding wheel, it is necessary to maintain a very high speed to avoid burrs. For precision machining, the alloy knife of the machine tool (such as pineapple knife) can also be used for cutting. However, the carbon fiber board has a great loss on the tool. The worn tool has many burrs, poor finish, and low efficiency.

(2)Water cutting. The method of water cutting is also called waterjet, which is made by spraying water under pressure. This method is suitable for batch processing and simple operation, but the quality requirements for water cutting machines are increased, and poor quality machines are prone to cutting burrs.

(3)laser cutting. The laser cutting machine needs to increase the power to ensure the cutting effect. The ordinary low-power laser cutting machine teaches the cutting effect of carbon fiber products poorly. Laser-cut carbon fiber board will have burn marks on the edge.

(4)Ultrasonic cutting. Ultrasonic cutting is the use of ultrasonic energy to cause the material to be cut to produce a fine fracture to achieve the cutting effect. The carbon fiber board cut by the ultrasonic cutting machine is clean and tidy, and the damage to the carbon fiber is relatively small. If the batch is processed, the cost is higher.

Choose the appropriate cutting method according to the actual needs such as the quantity, thickness, accuracy and other needs to be processed. For the hollow engraving and processing of Carbon Fiber Boards, CNC engraving machines and other cnc equipment are generally used.
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